Research Method

Research method

XYZ-research provides customized solutions for different clients. As for common research demands, the company applies statistical methodology and its self-created research products that have won the recognition of the international community to provide extensive standard data and comparative data. As for special research requirements, we would design solution for specific target  market.
Our researchers, being familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of various access method, can select and combine different research method flexibly in project design. Besides, with our rich practical experience, we also summarized various models that apply to  specific industry research, effectively helping our clients integrate and evaluate massive information, find development opportunities and plan marketing activities. 
Market research methods that are frequently used are mainly divided into two categories: qualitative research method and quantitative research method. These two methods differs greatly with each other in terms of functions, applicable problems and data collecting method etc. For our researchers and clients, it is critical to select the right research method according to the problem to be solved and the research objectives.   
Qualitative research and quantitative research have obvious differences in their principles and research methods. The former answers “why”, while the latter answers “how many”. You can use qualitative research to “know, discover, judge and understand”, but cannot use it to “measure, monitor, evaluate and predict”. Quantitative research method should be applied in this case.