Global Electro Hydraulic Servo Valve Market

XYZ 2020-03-17 18:09

GlobalElectro Hydraulic Servo Valve Marketwill reach 1508.24 Million USD by the end of 2022 with a CAGR of 4.18%


Theglobal Electro Hydraulic Servo Valve market was valued at 1228.72 Million USDin 2017 and will reach 1508.24 Million USD by the end of 2022, growing at aCAGR of 4.18% during 2017-2022.


Electro hydraulic servo valve is anelectrically operated valve that controls how hydraulic fluid is ported to anactuator. Servo valves are operated by transforming a changing analogue ordigital input signal into a smooth set of movements in a hydraulic cylinder.Electro hydraulic servo valve are used when accurate position control isrequired, such as control of a primary flight control surface.


ElectroHydraulic Servo Valve can be divided into three categories: NozzleFlapper Valve type, Jet Action Valve type and Dynamic Valve type. NozzleFlapper Valve type accounted for the highest proportion in production market,with a figure of 67.12% in 2017, followed by Jet Action Valve type, account for24.15% and Dynamic Valve type account for 8.74%.


Thesales market share of global Electro Hydraulic Servo Valve in Aerospace use, Steel Industryuse, Power Industry use, Chemical Industry use and otherapplications have been stable year by year, at 52.45%, 11.84%, 10.12%, 8.32% and17.28% respectively in 2017, and for several consecutive years, the amplitudewas within one percent. This indicates that the segment of the ElectroHydraulic Servo Valve in the global market tends to be fixed without greatchanges. Among them, the Electro Hydraulic Servo Valve market has the mostpromising sales prospects in Aerospace use.


XYZresearch center data shows that North America is the biggest contributor to theElectro Hydraulic Servo Valve revenue market, accounted for 40.75% of the totalglobal market with a revenue of 500.74 million USD in 2017, followed by Europe,33.67% with a revenue of 413.72 million USD.


Moog is the largest company in the global ElectroHydraulic Servo Valve market, accounted for 28.82% of the revenue market sharein 2017, followed by Bosch Rexroth and Parker, accounted for 10.44% and 8.19% of therevenue market share in 2017. The Electro Hydraulic Servo Valve industry is notconcentrated, these manufacturers range from large multinational corporationsto small privately owned companies compete in this industry. The top five manufacturersaccount for 56.20 % of the revenue market.