unvalved particulate respirators

XYZ 2020-04-22 16:39


The Environment concerns are rising globally due to global warming, highcarbon emission and excessive use of non-renewable source of energy from thenature. There is excessive deforestation. Thus, there are initiatives take bygovernment at state as well as federal level in order to restrict the carbonemission by various strategies in order to reduce the level of pollution. Evenafter taking several initiatives, it has become difficult to safeguard theenvironment with excessive harm already done to the environment.


Thus, in case where the pollution levels are going high, such environmentcan affect the respiratory tract and it is advisable to wear ParticulateRespirators. Particulate Respirators are kind of personal protective masks thatenables one to breathe air free from contaminants. It has features whichfilters majority of contaminants. Particulate Respirators has straps that cansecurely seal over the nose. The noseclips are adjustable to secure firm grip.Particulate Respirators are light in weight and allows ease in breathing.


Global demand for masks has increased sharply, one reason was the outbreak of COVID-19.Respirators is one of the highest level of protection equipment, and the demandalso increased quickly. The sales of Unvalved Particulate Respirator is from860.3 Million in 2015 to 1881.5 Million in 2020 with the CAGR of 16.94%. Withthe rapid spread of COVID-19, Causing the supply of Unvalved ParticulateRespirator to fall short of the demand. In a period of time, the price and costof the Unvalved Particulate Respirator have doubled or more than before.


The World Health Organization (WHO) and Chinese medical managementinstitutions recommend N95 or equivalent respirators to be used for respiratoryprotection for medical staff who are at risk of influenza virus infection. N95respirator is a NIOSH certified product in the United States. Its protectionlevel is equivalent to that of medical respirator and KN95 respiratorconforming to Chinese standards, and FFP2 respirator conforming to Europeanstandards. It should also be noted that influenza can also be transmittedthrough saliva and mucous membranes, and hand hygiene is equally important.