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Global Insurance Agency Software Market
XYZ-Lab 2020/12/04

The Insurance Agency Software sales will reach about 1891 Million USD in 2017 from 1047 Million USD in 2012 all around the world, with the CAGR of 12.56%.

Insurance Agency Software includes agency management software, client management software, marketing software, rating software and website builder for insurance agencies. And the software can be classified to cloud-based and on-promise type, and the cloud-based type is leading the market and growing faster at present.

Insurance Agency Software is mainly used for two applications: Small Business, Medium-sized Business, Large Business. And SME (Small Business, Medium-sized Business) was the most widely used area which took up about 87% of the global total in 2016.

USA is the largest consumption countries of Insurance Agency Software in the world in the past few years and it will keep increasing in the next few years. USA market took up about 65% the global market in 2016, while Europe was about 12.6%.

Vertafore, Applied Systems, EZLynx, ACS, ITC, HawkSoft, QQ Solutions, Sapiens/Maximum Processing, Zywave, Xdimensional Tech, Agency Matrix, Jenesis Software, AgencyBloc, AllClients, Impowersoft, Insurance Systems, Buckhill, InsuredHQ and Zhilian Software are the key suppliers in the global Insurance Agency Software market. Top 10 took up about 50% of the global market in 2016.



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