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  • Many successful businesses continue to grow simply because they really understand their markets and their customers. One of the most popular techniques businesses can use to better target their products at the right customers is market segmentation. Whatever client’s industry, the chances are that the customers will differ in many different ways. Industry trends reflect the entire market environment, and a slight change may lead to huge volatility.

  • XYZ-research can provide all-round market research service for clients according to their demands, including industry research, product market research, competitor research, channel research and consumer research etc. With proper design, evidence-based research method, solid implementation and professional research report, we could deliver reliable first-hand market information to help our clients make business decisions. In carrying out the analysis, we make use of both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

  • We appley statistical methodology and its self-created research products that have won the recognition of the international community to provide extensive standard data and comparative data. Statistical modeling and forecasting is one of our core strengths, where we design unique models to estimate and forecast market data. These models are econometric or technical based on the time period under consideration and are iterative and customizable in nature so as to minimize errors and improve accuracy.

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Room 606, 6 / F, haohai building Office Area, 36 Haidian West Street, Haidian District, Beijing

Tel: 010-53322951 (24h)

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