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Global Hipot Test Market Research Report
XYZ-Lab 2020/12/04

The production of hipot tester increases from 24298 Units in 2012 to 29727 Units in 2016, with an average growth rate of more than 5%.

The hipot test is a nondestructive test that determines the adequacy of electrical insulation for the normally occurring over voltage transient. This is a high-voltage test that is applied to all devices for a specific time in order to ensure that the insulation is not marginal. Hipot tests are helpful in finding nicked or crushed insulation, stray wire strands or braided shielding, conductive or corrosive contaminants around the conductors, terminal spacing problems, and tolerance errors in cables. Inadequate creepage and clearance distances introduced during the manufacturing process.

The classification of Hipot Test includes Hipot Test 1000μA, Hipot Test 10mA, Hipot Test 50Ma and Hipot Test 110mA, and the revenue proportion of Hipot Test 10mA in 2016 was about 47.9%.

Hipot Test can be used for Automotive Industrial, Consumer Appliances, Medical Equipment and Industrial Manufacture. The most proportion of Hipot Test was Industrial Manufacture, and the sales proportion was about 30.1% in 2016.

North America occupied about 26% of the production market in 2016. It was followed by Europe and China, which respectively have about 26% and 23% of the global total industry. Other countries have a small amount of production. Geographically, China had been the largest consumption market in the world since 2016, which took about 25% of the global consumption volume in 2016. North America shared about 24% of global total.


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